Parveen Malik’s Review of ‘Skeena’ presented by Dr. Saif Khalid

Dr. Saif Khalid reads Author/Publisher Parveen Malik’s review of Fauzia Rafique’s novel ‘Skeena’, presented by Parveen at the Lahore launch of the Punjabi Shahmukhi edition of Skeena in May 2007.

Introduction by Sana’a Janjua

View Dr. Saif Khalid’s profile
View Parveen Malik’s profile
View Sana’a Janjua’s profile

Produced by Kamaljit S. Thind
Mehak Punjab di TV


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  1. Two important books: Manolis’s ‘Vernal Equinox’ and Fauzia Rafique’s ‘Skeena’ « Skeena

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