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Fauzia Rafique

Skeena is the story of a Muslim Canadian woman spanning thirty years of her life where she explores her changing environments, religious and cultural influences, and intimate relationships. Told by Skeena herself, it is a rare glimpse into the mind and perspectives of a Muslim woman. With the utter simplicity of style and expression, and a plot immersed in gripping realities, Fauzia has created a novel that is hard to put down even when it explodes some deep-rooted myths.
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English Edition
Libros Libertad, Surrey 2011
Libros Libertad
Punjabi Gurumukhi Edition
Uddari Books, Surrey 2011
Punjabi Shahmukhi Edition
Sanjh Publications, Lahore 2007

Cover Art: Ahmad Zoay
Cover Design Concept: Sadaf Chughtai
Layout: Sulaikh Lahore, Sajid Choudhry, Mer Art & Design
Editors: Michele Sherstan, Zubair Ahmad, Lisa Collins

Fauzia Rafique

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