Reviews, impressions, comments and other responses to ‘Skeena’.
View in English, Punjabi Gurumukhi and Punjabi Shahmukhi

Reviews in English

17. Hamad Abdullah Nazar, Vancouver British Columbia
16. Bubbles McKegney, Kincardine Ontario
15. Younas Khan, Lahore Pakistan
‘It’ll Live for a Long Long Time’ – A comment by Younas Khan
14. Kishwar Naheed, Islamabad Pakistan
Kishwar Naheed on ‘Skeena’
13. Shikha Kenneth, South Asian Ensemble, Patiala India
‘Capturing the Essence of Patriarchy in Skeena’
Uddari Weblog, from ‘Skeena Book Review’, South Asian Ensemble Vol 3 No. 4, Autumn 2011-Winter 2012.
12. Punjabi Lekhak Manch, Surrey BC
Skeena: Prideful addition to Punjabi literature – Punjabi Lekhak Manch
11. Dr. Shuja Alhaq, UK/Pakistan
‘Skeena: a contribution to thank for’
10. Ranbir Johal, Surrey BC
Entranced from the very first sentence… Skeena
8. Gomathy Puri, New Westminster BC
Skeena by Fauzia Rafique ‘a MUST read!!’
7. Anne Murphy, Vancouver BC
‘Skeena: a work of art’
6. Bryonie Baxter, Ottawa CA
‘Skeena is a novel everyone should read’
5. Farah Shroff, Vancouver BC
Skeena by Fauzia Rafique
4. Anthony Dalton, Tsawwassen BC
A Best Seller On Our Hands: Skeena!
3. Valerie B-Taylor, New Westminster BC
‘A page turner from beginning to end’ novel ‘Skeena’‏
2. Randeep, Surrey BC
‘Skeena: A story of discovery, death and determination’
1. Rajkumari Fehmida, Vancouver BC
‘Skeena’ brings fever to the mind

Reviews in Punjabi, Gurumukhi

4. Sukhinder, Toronto ON
Novel ‘Skeena’ – Review by Sukhinder
3.Surjeet Kalsey, Vancouver BC
‘Skeena: a Woman Beyond Borders سکینہ: سرحداں توں پار دی عورت’
3a. YouTube Video, partial presentation, April 9, 2011
2. Ajmer Rode, Vancouver BC
Ajmer Rode: Comments on ‘Skeena’, YouTube, Punjabi
1. Sadhu Binning, Vancouver BC
‘Skeena سکینہ’ a review by Sadhu Binning. April 2011, Punjabi Shahmukhi
1a. Sadhu Binning: Review of Skeena, YouTube, Punjabi

Reviews in Punjabi, Shahmukhi (Perso-Arabic)
8. Rashid Javed Ahmed, Lahore Pakistan
Skeena novel Fauzia Rafique, tabsira Rahid Javed Ahmed
7. Fouzia Hanif, Lahore Pakistan
‘Skeena – mashraqi te maghrabi tehzeeb de awaz’ Skeena – The voice of eastern and western civilization
6. Zubair Ahmed, Lahore Punjab
Published May 2007 on the launch brochure in Lahore, Image, Punjabi
5. Hafeez Khan, Multan Punjab
‘Skeena te Novel Nigaari da HzarwaN Saal’ (‘Skeena and the Thousandth Year of Novel Writing’) by Hafeez Khan.
Monthly ‘Trinjan’, Issue 10, Lahore Sept. 2007
4. Arshad Malik, Sargodha Punjab
‘Peerni’, presented at the Sargodha launch of ‘Skeena’ in 2007
3. Parveen Malik, Lahore Punjab
Parveen Malik’s Review of ‘Skeena’ recited by Dr. Saif Khalid, youTube Punjabi, at the Surrey launch of ‘Skeena’ in April 2011. Originally presented by Author/Publisher at the Lahore launch of ‘Skeena’ in May 2007.
2. Ashfaq Salim Mirza, Islamabad PK
‘Fauzia Rafique da Novel Skeena’,
1. Mansha Yaad, Islamabad PK
‘Skeena, Ek Nwaikla Punjabi Novel’ by Mansha Yaad, Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zauq Web Page

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