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One used copy of Skeena for $307.53

At Amazon, two used copies of ‘Skeena’ are each being offered for $307.53 + 3.99 shipping while on the same page the new copies of the same novel are still selling for the usual $20.

It was brought to our attention last night by Andrew John Gie, a Facebook user who was visiting Amazon to buy a new copy of Skeena. He contacted author Fauzia Rafique from Skeena’s Facebook page asking ‘Is there something else in the used copies we should know about?’

There’s contemplation around why a used copy of Skeena would be or could be (so much) more valuable than the new one. Another Facebook user Amjad Mahmood says: ‘The question is those books are used by whom? if by Princess Kate,than price is less.’ Abbas R. Kazmi likes it, and Skeena’s author Fauzia Rafique wonders if perhaps there’s money in used books.

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Update May 5 – Facebook
We have a more ‘realistic’ appraisal of a used copy of novel ‘Skeena’: $19.99. New of course still at $20.

The Amazon page where last week two used copies of Skeena were selling at $307.53 each, now has three copies for sale, one still at over three hundred, and two at $19.99 each. Just one cent less than the new.

A part of it could be that the novel is not really available at many places, but it still is a strange and refreshing compliment to my work, and i think i need/ed it for sure. Here:

Update May 17

Three used copies. Two at $19.99, one at 91.09!
Goings on with Skeena!

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