One of the 100 ‘must read’ Punjabi Books – Skeena

Novel ‘Skeena’ has been recognized as one of the ‘100 Must Read Books by Punjabi Authors’ in ‘Legacies of the Homeland’ (Notion Press, Chennai 2018). Researched and compiled by Paramjeet Singh with a Foreword by Rana Nayar, the collection lists 100 books in autobiography, novel, poetry, plays and short story collections. ‘Skeena’ is one of the 32 novels, and, an excellent book review earlier written by UK Author Rupinderpal Roop Singh Dhillon at SikhChic has been published by way of description. View Roop’s review here:

It is a compelling selection as ‘Skeena’ is Pakistani Punjab’s all time best-selling Punjabi novel; the most-reviewed Punjabi book in modern Punjabi literature; and, it is the only Punjabi book to have ever been launched in nine cities of Pakistan where each event was presented in partnership with local organizations and all the book launches were used to support a strong program for the enhancement of Punjabi language.

‘Legacies of the Homeland’ lists the books that have been published in both Punjabi and English. Order it here:

I’m delighted to be a part of this selection. Indeed it is an honor to have my name in one of the 28 novelists listed. Thank you Paramjeet Singh.


Holier Than Life



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