Punjabi Lekhak Manch discussion on Skeena July 10/11

Reviewers of both English and Punjabi editions of Skeena agree that there is nothing like it in Punjabi or in English literature, that it is a work of art, a must-read, a best-seller…
Reviews Page

Invitation to attend
Punjabi Lekhak Manch discussion on
‘Skeena’ by Fauzia Rafique
Sunday July 10, 2011
1:30-4:30 PM
Surrey Public Library, Newton Branch

Select reviews for discussion
Sadhu Binning
Or listen to Sadhu on YouTube
Roop Dhillon
Surjeet Kalsey
Or view some of it on YouTube
Anne Murphy
Ajmer Rode

More on Manch meeting
Regarding Skeena: Punjabi Lekhak Munch, Surrey June 19

Buy Skeena (Gurumukhi) online

Skeena by Fauzia Rafique
Libros Libertad, Surrey 2011

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